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Industry trainings

ROVC offers a wide range of training opportunities for engineers working in the industry. From one-day training to complete vocational training programs.

Training technical professionals

Our courses are geared towards engineers working in different industries. We have unparalleled knowledge of the challenges facing engineers and their development needs. We know, because we have been doing this for more than 45 years! Not alone, but together with the industry.

Our instructors are fluent in English, which allows us to offer personalised programs in this language as well. In addition to our many personalised training programmes, the ROVC also offers the following courses internationally:


  • Basic operator skills - Incompany
  • HACCP - Incompany 

Field-based training programmes

Real work settings are used extensively in all courses. This may be practical training areas within your own company or ROVC's elaborate workshop in Ede. Our instructors also come from the field with industry experience and certifications. Our number one goal is to enable trainees to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired to their work. Effective maintenance, locating and eliminating faults are recurring themes in our courses.

International industry

There is a growing demand for field-based courses, not only in the Netherlands, but also from the international industry. A good number of international training programs have been successfully completed to date. Many of our courses are taught in English. Both in the Netherlands and elsewhere in the world. From a group of electrical engineers from Tanzania attending a training at ROVC in Ede to a group of mechanical engineers attending a personalised Hydraulics course in Romania. No demand is too outlandish for us.


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