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ROVC TechCenter Rotterdam

Shortage of qualified technical personnel

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Proper training is the solution

Shortages of qualified technical personnel are starting to soar. Technical personnel are faced with new technologies, which require new knowledge. Continuous training is needed to keep up with technical developments. When new technology or equipment is introduced, foreign or older staff often may not have sufficient knowledge to cope. With additional practical training is crucial to be able to perform adequately in the workplace. Especially as staff are frequently required to solve problems and failures independently and to deal with maintenance.

The expectation is that shortages will increase at a rapid pace over the years ahead. Companies can no longer ignore these developments. ROVC can help you to bring your technical employees’ skills and know-how up to the level you desire.

Proper training is the solution to shortages of well-trained technicians.

Our courses...

  • Provide skills that can be applied immediately on the job have a practical focus
  • Are developed with your company’s needs in mind
  • Are conducted by trainers with extensive experience in your industry
  • Cover a wide range of areas of technical expertise

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