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Maritime and offshore training courses

ROVC offers a number of training opportunities for engineers working in the maritime and offshore industry. From one-day training to complete vocational training and special, personalised programs. Field-based, with personalised scheduling.

Technical training for maritime and offshore work schedules and conditions

The maritime and offshore industry has specific characteristics. Training programs and courses are geared to the needs of engineers working in this industry. Our training programs and courses have the following characteristics:

Personalised schedule

Maritime and offshore engineers typically spend a limited amount of time on shore. That is why ROVC offers short, one or two-day field-based training programs and courses that are scheduled on consecutive days. For in-company and personalised programs, we can tailor the schedule to your needs.

Field-based training programs

Real work settings are used extensively in all courses. This may be practical training areas within your own company or ROVC's elaborate workshop in Ede. Our instructors also come from the field with industry experience and certifications. They speak the industry language (jargon), are abreast of the latest developments and use maritime cases.

International industry

No industry is as internationally-oriented as the maritime and offshore industry. Employees often come from all over the world. Many of our courses are taught in English. Both in the Netherlands and elsewhere in the world. Our instructors are fluent in English, which allows us to offer personalised programs in this language.

Technical maritime and offshore trainings

As mentioned, we can offer a wide range of tailor made courses. Popular subjects for maritime/offshore/shipbuilding are Hydraulics, Diesel Engines, Electrical systems and Cooling technology. Recently we've developed the following practical courses:

  • Marine Electrical Systems
  • Marine Hydraulics

More information about the maritime and offshore training opportunities? Contact Martin Brandenburg.

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