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Samsung: cold and heat generation and distribution

Samsung employees have more and more contact with customers about cold and heat generation. In order to connect with these customers, any basis knowledge of cold and heat generation is a need to have.

In the Basic training “cold and heat generation and distribution”, participants will be familiarized with the principles of cold and heat generation and distribution systems, the different systems and some of the most important concepts and components.

The training is online, containing of three sessions of 2 hours.

In order to get the maximum result, commitment and input of the participants is very important.

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Emil van Hoffen

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Set-up of the online training

The training is based on the experience of the Samsung participants themselves. Every person in the training is expected to insert practical information from its own experience in communicating with customers about cold and heat generation design in order to have optimal training results. The input of the candidates will be exchanged during the training and will be used to provide practical solutions which can directly be used in day to day business.

The trainer will be able to explain certain details in the examples given.

The input of participants is highly important to have optimal training results.

Before every session, participants will receive a questionnaire, asking about practical issues they face in their daily contact with customers about cold and heat generation. Before start of the course every participant will send in the information asked by the trainer. This preparation will cost a maximum of 30 minutes.

The preliminary information sent by the participants enables the trainer to prepare the training in the best way possible.

The questionnaire consists of:

  • which concepts you use
  • practical examples, including upload of certain situations
  • photos of systems, components or equipment
  • which information do you expect to get,
  • What difficult questions you have received from customers (in relationship to the training)

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