Our philosophy

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At ROVC, we believe that a training course for adult technical professionals should be based on their everyday work experience. Therefore, our teaching materials are based on, and developed for, the technical workplace, featuring real case studies and examples, and containing a high proportion of practical issues. 

ROVC follows the principle of competency-based development. Our methodology gives you a simple tool with which to map the competencies required by your company in order to retain a healthy, competitive position. This tool gives you a solid overview of the knowledge your employees should acquire, be capable of and put into practice to achieve your company’s goals. The subsequent gap-analysis gives a clear insight into your development and training needs. Using this method, you will be able to maximize your human capital! 

Based on the technical workplace

One of the key elements of our training philosophy is to match the practical set-up and structure of the training courses to the needs of the technical workplace. Our courses are conducted by trainers with extensive experience in the industrial and maritime sectors. 

The course materials use illustrative examples from technical companies, supported by hands-on skills training in true-to-workplace situations. ROVC has over 3000 m2 of training facilities for practical assignments, to support the application of new knowledge in practical situations. In short: learning by doing. A large proportion of our practical facilities are mobile and can therefore be set up anywhere in the world. 

Our programs and training courses are closely linked to the daily practice of technicians in the industrial and maritime sectors. Participants are stimulated to develop their competences to the highest degree and put them into practice without delay.

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