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Electrical Switching | Exam

This is a digital exam. You can choose a location and time within a certain period.

Examination programme

Relay switching

Normally open, normally closed and changeover contacts; Knowledge of components; magnetic switches, auxiliary relays, timer relays and control elements; Basic circuits: memory circuit, latching circuit, sequential circuit; Timer relay: on and off delay, combined on and off delay, pulse function.

General electrical engineering

Knowledge of current, voltage, resistance, power, single-phase and 3-phase power supply; Direct voltage and alternating voltage, transformers and rectifiers; Measuring and measurement tools; correct use of multimeter and clamp meter.

Three-phase motors

Synchronous 3-phase motor; squirrel cage induction motor or asynchronous motor; Reversing the rotational direction of 3-phase motors; Low-speed or multipole 3-phase motors; Star circuit; Delta circuit.

Three-phase motor circuits

Motor circuit for immediate energising, reversing the rotational direction; Star delta circuit for 3-phase motors; Testing motors (winding resistance and insulation resistance); Motor circuit with soft starter; Frequency converters, operation and basic settings; Protection with fuses and thermal protection or motor protection switch.

Troubleshooting using SMIDO

A (SMIDO=Fault, Report, Inform, Diagnose and Resolve) step-by-step plan; Explanation and use of a strategic approach.

Troubleshooting in Electrical Engineering

General configuration of electrical controls using the black box method; Input - control - output, thinking in blocks, sensors as inputs; Measuring methods: anticipated value - measured value - measuring efficiently - waterfall method; Techniques for reading comprehensive diagrams: reducing to sub diagrams: Cross referencing of components and relays, potential referencing; Various systems: drying system, waste water systems and electric roll-up door.

Practical information

During the Electric Circuits exam, you will not be allowed to use the course book or any other books.


After your registration has been confirmed, you can select your exam date and location via your MijnROVC account. You can do this up to approximately 6 weeks after registration.

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